5 small breeds of dogs that do not shed much

You can buy one of these new super performance vacuum cleaners. You can add omega fatty acid supplements to your dog’s diet. You can even change all your clothes so that you always dress like your dog.

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It doesn’t matter what you do. The dogs are thrown.

Some dogs are thrown a lot, and some are almost never thrown. If you’re looking for a small dog that doesn’t shed much, here’s a list of five of the best.

1. Shi-ji

Shih Tzu is one of the cutest little breeds These small lion dogs from China have a long coat that reaches to the ground and needs daily washing, and since they are not shed, they must be kept every few months.

Many Shih Tzu owners simply keep their dogs in a “puppy cut” so that the dog does not need to be brushed so much. However, they still have to periodically go to the newlyweds for a haircut.

An adult Shih Tzu weighs only about 6 or 7 kilograms (13 to 15 kilograms) with large eyes, a short face and an underestimation.

In addition to breathing problems (because of their faces), some of them also have hip dysplasia, a problem that is common in large dogs, but also in pugs and some other small breeds. Shih Tzus are also one of the breeds affected by IVDD, a back disease that can cause paralysis.

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They also have some dental problems due to their overfilled teeth and really need their teeth every day.

Shih Tzu live about 14 years, and sometimes much longer! They have a great temperament, do well with children and adults, and since they don’t shed much, make a great dog for anyone who doesn’t want to deal with hair.


2. Miniature schnauzer

This little dog is perfect for many reasons, not to shed much is just one of them. They are great in an apartment, are good around the family and make good guards.

Miniature schnauzers weigh between 5 to 9 kilograms (11 to 20 kilograms), but act like a big dog when it comes to barking and protecting their territory.

They live about 12 years, but some of them are around much longer!

Miniature schnauzers have some health problems, such as pancreatitis and diabetes, and should have regular checkups with a veterinarian.

Most of them are salt and pepper, but some dogs are black, silver or even solid white. If you can handle barking and want a good dog that doesn’t shed much, a miniature schnauzer is there waiting for you.

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3. West Highland White Terrier

One of the best small breeds that doesn’t bark much, the Westie is also one of the cutest little white dogs. They are good with children who treat them well, but tend to bark a lot – although this is usually the reason.

He can bark when he acts as a guard or when hunting in the garden. (Originally, Westy was bred to hunt rodents and they are still good at it.) He can even bark just because!

West Highland White Terriers are small, weighing only about 6 to 8 kilograms (12 to 17 kilograms).

They have some health problems, such as allergies and an unusual skin condition. Some of them are also affected by hereditary problems such as “westie jaw” and “white dog shaker syndrome.”

Westies live about 14 years. If you have a lot of energy to exercise them, they are an attractive and fun breed that does not throw much.

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4. Bichon frieze

Looking for a cute little white dog that looks happy? The Bison Frize is a dog that will not shed much, but will meet many of your other needs.

The bison is great with kids and toddlers (only about 3 to 5 pounds or 7 to 11 pounds), so they do well in an apartment.

Like all small dogs, they have some problems with dental disease. In addition to needing regular brushing and a serious haircut every month or so, Bichon really needs to brush his teeth every day. Some of them are prone to liver shunts, but are quite a healthy breed of dog.

This dog usually lives about 12 years. They are usually cheerful, so if you are looking for a happy dog ​​that doesn’t shed much, the bison frieze is a great choice.


5. Maltese

Well, in this article, the best dog is left for last. Am I showing any favoritism here? Well, I guess you could say that, but then again we’re talking about the best little dog that doesn’t shed much.

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The Maltese is actually tiny (usually under 3 or 4 pounds, less than 8 pounds), so it may not even fit into that category. However, there are all sorts of things about him. The Maltese is a good first time dog owner.

They get along with cats and most other small animals you may have around the house. And how far does the house go? They are good with a big house, a small house or even a small apartment.

Maltese do not spread much, but their hair is very fine and should be cut close or brushed every day. They look good with a nice haircut and work with coloring, but some dogs tend to tear stains, so care must be taken.

Surely this little dog has some other negatives? Well, Maltese like to bark. They have to brush their teeth every day to slow the onset of dental disease and, of course, they have to go for a walk every day, like any other dog.

But they don’t throw much!

Accept, do not shop!

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If you have found the perfect breed of dog on the Internet, the next step is to bring it home. Take a moment and check with your local animal shelter before looking anywhere else. You may find a dog that was abandoned when its owners had to move, or perhaps even a dog that was housed as homeless. Small dogs are usually adopted fairly quickly, so be sure to check back soon.

You can also check out the Petfinder.com website . They have dog lists in your area and the small dog you are looking for may only be a short drive away.

Also think about saving the breed. All you have to do is open your search engine and write the name of the breed, the word rescue and the name of the area in which you live.

Just don’t buy a puppy from a pet store or through an online wholesaler. In addition to supporting a puppy mill, you may need to buy a small dog with home training and other behavioral problems.

If none of the other sources work, visit a dog show and talk to breeders about the type of dog you are interested in. They can tell you when a dog will be available and how you can set things up for your new puppy.

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Good luck finding this new little dog!