5-year old plays with 14 German shepherds – and we’re pretty sure this is what Heaven is like

German Shepherds are no doubt amazing dogs and they are one of the best guard dogs to have around!

Though, reality is, some people are still a little bit skeptical about allowing little children near them.

If you are one of those people who’d be a little scared to allow your child to be with dogs especially with German Shepherds then watching this video will definitely give you a change of heart.

All thanks to Kennel Finika that is located in Norway, this video has made many people happy. The said video was uploaded last 2013 and already has more than 8M views and you’ll soon understand why.

In the video, you see a little 5-year old girl being surrounded by 14 German Shepherds. Yes! You’ve read that right, not 4 or 10 – but 14 German Shepherds. But don’t panic just yet.

These dogs aren’t there because they escaped a kennel, and they definitely don’t want to do her any harm.

These adorable dogs are there to play with her!

The video is just a minute long but it was able to capture the pure bliss of innocence and playtime.

German Shepherds are actually known to be one of the smartest breeds of dogs, no wonder you often see them working as K9s. They can easily be trained and they are very much disciplined.

The little girl’s name is Pernille, and she is seen to be running and throwing grass in the air with joy. Then, some of the dogs try to run with her and they also excitedly jump and try to catch the falling grass in their mouths – great game!

Some of the other dogs are just seen running freely enjoying the breeze and the feel of the grass in their paws.

At one point, little Pernille faces the camera and smiles. It’s priceless!

Looks like something out of a movie or a fairy tale story – but the best part? It’s all real and it has made so many people smile.

So, what makes German Shepherds one of the best dogs for your kid? Well, let’s just start off with the fact that German Shepherds are full of energy.

Just like our kids, they seem to have an unlimited source of energy that can allow them to run and play for hours and hours without getting tired.

Another thing to consider here is that German Shepherds are very smart dogs. This is the reason why they can actually keep up with children’s games.

They are born to protect and adding them to your family can bring so much joy and even security.

After watching this adorable video, some of you might think of actually getting a German shepherd and that’s a great idea, just be sure to think it over first.

Consider their size and energy; they aren’t exactly lap-dogs that you can keep in a small apartment. Also, since they are very protective, you may need to focus on their training and social skills as early as you can.

Other than that, it’s amazing to have them as a part of your family.

Don’t forget to watch the whole video here – and it’s okay to play it multiple times like we did.