Seven best small dog breeds for an apartment

Are you looking for a great dog to share your apartment with? Many people who live in apartments have to work outside the home for most of the day, so it is important that the dog is suitable to be alone and in a small space.

Here are some of the dog breeds that I think are suitable for these requirements:

  1. Basenji
  2. French Bulldog
  3. Toy poodle
  4. Japanese chin
  5. Maltese
  6. Miniature schnauzer
  7. Shiba Inu


These little African dogs go a long way for them. They are great for an apartment as they are small (usually less than 14 pounds or about 25 pounds), do not throw much and do not make noise.

Basenji are dogs without barking. They will make an “iodizing” sound, but it is not permanent and your neighbors are unlikely to complain.

French Bulldog

I think these dogs are great because they top my list of little dogs that don’t bark much. The neighbors in your apartment will really appreciate this.

They will also usually do well if you have to be away most of the day. The French are known for sleeping.

If you decide that this is the right dog for your apartment, you should take into account their anatomy and make sure that the apartment does not heat up when there is no person. These dogs cannot absorb the heat, so it is not necessary to take them for a long walk outside if the day is too hot and humid.

These dogs are not as small as the toy breed, but they are still only about 10 pounds, or 22 pounds. In addition to their unusual faces, they may have other health problems such as luxury patella, bad backs and eye problems. They will keep you company for about 11 or 12 years.

Toy poodle

As well as being a dog breed that doesn’t shed much , the poodle is a good apartment dog. Keep it busy though! He is intelligent and energetic, so he gets bored easily. Sometimes he barks too much, gets into things he shouldn’t, and suffers from other behavioral problems; adequate exercise will help everything. Just because you have a toy dog ​​doesn’t mean you won’t need to take your dog to exercise. I’m not talking about taking your dog around the block once, just to do your “business”.

You can also train your Poodle to obey obedience commands and dogs will easily learn tricks. Poodles come in sizes for everyone, but the toy is best suited for a small apartment, as the dog is less than 11 inches at the withers.

If you like some of the characteristics of the poodle, but still want another breed of dog, there are many hybrids available:

  • Peekapoos are a cross of a poodle and a Pekingese
  • Bichapoos are Bichon Frize and Poodle Crosses
  • Coca-Cola are a popular cross between the Cocker Spaniel and the Poodle

I’ve also heard of Yorkipoos, Maltipos and anyone looking for a bigger dog can get a Labradodle! (However, I would not recommend a working / hunting breed for an apartment.)

Japanese chin

This little dog is not a big barking dog, so if you have thin walls or nasal neighbors, he may be your best apartment. Some of them are as small as a Chihuahua or Maltese and their silk coats are quite easy to care for. Your chin may need to express his anal glands at times, he will need to brush his teeth every day and will probably need to clean his face at times, but they are mostly easy to care for and a good dog in. apartment.

The Japanese chin has the typical problems of a brachycephalic dog. He breathes from his mouth because his nose is so small and does not do well in hot conditions. His big eyes can be easily scratched, younger dogs have bouts of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) because they are so small, and as he gets older, you will find that his life is not as long as some of the small dogs.

If you are looking for a loving little dog who walks around the apartment like a cat, dances like a circus dog, but is still far enough away to be a guard dog, the Japanese chin may be the dog breed you should choose.


The small confectioner breed is a perfect decoration for the back of the sofa and a great dog with flats, if you can put up with a little barking. He weighs only about 6-9 kilograms and rarely throws himself so as not to cover this sofa in his silky white hair. The Maltese needs to brush their teeth every day and if you take a few minutes to comb it, you can avoid tangles or mats in its fur. They have to walk, of course, but as long as you avoid the muddy puddles, the Maltese will stay clean like a stuffed toy.

Behavioral problems will probably be the only problem you have with this stuffed toy in an apartment. As long as you train him in basic obedience and teach him a few tricks so that he is busy, let him meet with neighbors and other dogs so as not to fixate on his small world, let him know that it is not good to bark at any time and manage to avoid spoiling it with special treats from your plate, he will be a great dog in the apartment.

The Maltese can be more than an apartment dog. My Maltese went to work with me every day. When he was a puppy, he would fit in the bottom pocket of my lab coat and could walk anywhere; as an adult he would wait quietly in a cage while I was in surgery. If there was snow and sleet in the parking lot, I could carry it, and when I came home, it was always ready to roll and was a good friend to my children. This breed can be a great companion.